Solo Leveling Ranked – Amazing List Of The Top 10 Strongest Characters

With the end of the Chimera ant arc in the Manhwa, Solo Leveling fans are anxiously anticipating the second season. The identity of the two persons who came on Jeju island, for example, is revealed towards the end of the first season, hinting at the future storyline and events.

Furthermore, the Solo Leveling mysteries behind Jin-father Woo’s and the enigmatic System are gradually unfolding, hinting at a world-ending conflict. While the next season is still a long way off, the Light Novel of Solo Leveling has already come to a stunning conclusion. Sung Jin-Woo has finally become the world’s most powerful hunter, as well as a God. In this article, I’ll go through the top ten strongest characters in Solo Leveling.

10. Go Gun-Hee

Go Gun-Hee was the Chairman of the Korean Hunters Association and a South Korean S-Rank Hunter. In Solo Leveling, he was formerly one of the most formidable hunters, and when the Ice Monarch murdered him, it was revealed that he was one of the reborn Rulers.

However, owing to the limits of his age and the human body, he was unable to demonstrate the full range of his abilities.

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Despite this, he was highly regarded, and all guild masters feared him. While he did not receive the formal title of National level hunter, the fact that he was picked as a host makes him deserving of his 10th position.

9. Christopher Reed

In Solo Leveling, Christopher Reed was a National Level Hunter and the Rankers’ presenter. Norma Selner improved and increased his talents, and he became one of the series’ strongest Hunters.
Due of his pride, he was slain by The Ice Monarch, The Beasts Monarch, and The Insects Monarch.

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While he was very powerful and levels above other S-rank hunters, he was unable to properly wield the Ruler’s power and is so rated below Thomas Andre.

8. Thomas Andre

Thomas Andre is the Scavenger Guild’s Guild Master and one of only five National Level Hunters. He, like Go Gun-Hee, is the host of a Ruler and may display a significant portion of their power. Furthermore, he, like all National Level Hunters, has the power to manipulate and move items with his thoughts. It is revealed that only the human vessels of the Rulers have access to this power.

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In terms of offensive power, Thomas’ power smash with his magically infused arm is powerful enough to demolish everything around him with its shockwaves alone. Thomas came in Seoul during the Monarch war arc and battled the Beast Monarch. While he initially subdued his opponent with the help of the Rulers’ might, the world’s strongest tank was defeated.

However, the very fact that he can go up against a Monarch makes him immensely powerful. As a result, he is ranked 8th on this list of Solo Leveling.

7. Bellion

Bellion is the Grand-Marshal in Jin-Woo’s shadow army, and one of the original servants of the former Shadow Monarch, Ashborn. He is said to be incredibly strong because even the Rulers were revealed to have three pairs of wings, and he had two pairs of his own.
Bellion is deserving of commanding a formidable shadow army of hundreds of thousands of Shadows and three dragons equal to the armies of other Rulers and Monarchs.
Bellion is fully armored and carries a unique weapon that can be used as both a whip and a sword.

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This, along with Bellion’s incredible speed and strength, made him a difficult opponent for adversaries to counter-attack against when he was caught in a barrage.
When he faced up against Beru for the position of Grand-Marshal, he effortlessly swatted away and dodged his opponent’s strikes, which were capable of instantaneously killing or gravely injuring even the toughest Hunters.

Along with his strength, the major reason he is rated seventh on this list is that Bellion is unbeatable due to his regeneration, which renders him unstoppable as long as Jin-Woo is alive.

6. Rulers

Rulers are strong creatures created by the Absolute Being to manage the cosmos and safeguard it from Monarchs who seek to destroy it.
Seven of the Rulers revolted against the Absolute Being because they were tired of the constant conflict. However, the battle between the Monarchs and the Rulers did not end there, and the Rulers won the first war despite losing two Monarchs.

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However, as the war resumed with Earth as the battlefield, the Rulers, unlike the Monarchs, were unable to tread on it without a human host. While the names of the Rulers are unknown save for Ashborn, their power levels must be comparable because they were established to repress the Monarchs. As a result, Rulers are rated sixth on this list of Solo Leveling.

5.  Monarchs

The Absolute Being divided the powers of Dark into eight parts. These fragments merged to form Monarchs, one of the most powerful beings, with only the Rulers as equals.  7 1 - Solo Leveling Merch StoreMonarchs command huge and strong armies capable of annihilating anybody who gets in their way. They are near-invincible beings that have destroyed Earth seven times. The Monarchs are Gods of Destruction who get their power from chaos.
While the power levels of the Monarchs varies, they are overall slightly stronger than the Rulers.
The major reason for this is because the Rulers could only vanquish them when two Monarchs refused to fight.

4. Antares

Antares was the Monarch of Destruction and the Dragon Emperor. He was the most powerful Monarch that invaded Earth with others to fight Rulers. He was the game’s last adversary in Solo Leveling.

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Like Ashborn, his strength was so great that he couldn’t locate a human host to allow him to visit Earth; as a result, he was the last to arrive with his army of devastation via the gate in Canada.
With a single sweep of his claw, he annihilated more than half of Canada as well as numerous high-ranking hunters. He was said to be able to effortlessly deal with the Shadow Monarch. Antares came very near to murdering Jin-Woo once, but was prevented by the Rulers. To vanquish him, all eight Rulers were required.

He is the only character in the series who Jin-Woo, the main character, is unable to kill until the very end, and so he deserves to be ranked 4th on our list of Solo Leveling.

3. Ashborn

The Absolute Being formed Ashborn as the Greatest Fragment of Brilliant Light.
He was slain, however, for being faithful to his creator and resisting the Rulers who sought to eliminate the Absolute Being for orchestrating the never-ending conflict between them and the Monarchs.
He discovered after ‘dying’ that the Absolute Being had implanted a failsafe within him for when things went wrong. A strong and frightening force capable of ending everything, i.e. the power of death, was imprisoned inside him.
After waking up, he threw away all remnants of his past existence, ripping off his wings and constructing a powerful armor out of the surrounding shadows, forming a new army of Shadow Soldiers.

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He became known as the Shadow Monarch after joining the Monarchs in their fight against the Rulers. Fearing Ashborn’s authority, the Monarchs abandoned him and left him to perish at the hands of the Rulers.
The Rulers, on the other hand, urged Ashborn to join them in order to win the war. His power was so enormous, and his shadow army so vast, that he was thought to be virtually unstoppable.
Technically, he and Jin-Woo are the same person, despite being in the third position. He and Ashborn became one creature once the latter awoke the Black Heart.

2. Sung Jin-Woo

Sung Jin-Woo was the weakest E class hunter, barely outperforming a regular human. He was picked as a player after finishing a secret mission in a dual dungeon. He became the strongest hunter on Earth after finishing the missions and powering up thanks to the System.

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It was subsequently revealed that the Architect devised the System to aid the Shadow Monarch, Ashborn, in his search for a suitable human to inherit his powers. As the weakest hunter, Ashborn had selected Jin-Woo as a result of his daily fight with life and death. Jin-Woo could already fight the three Shadow Monarchs and even push them back during the combat before fully inheriting their abilities.

However, after acquiring Ashborn’s powers, the System dissolved and he no longer possessed any power. Jin-Woo fought war and destroyed all of the Monarchs on his own with an army of almost 130,000 Shadows. Jin-Woo became the master of death when he became the Shadow Monarch. In becoming an axis of the cosmos, he transcended time and reality. He was liberated from mortal constraints and transformed into an everlasting entity, i.e., immortal.
Jin-Woo is the most powerful character in Solo Leveling. The only reason he is ranked second is because we don’t know how he would perform against the Absolute Being – Someone who created Rulers and Monarchs.

1. Absolute Being

The Absolute Being was another universe’s God who divided the powers of darkness and light into eight parts. These pieces were renamed Monarchs and Rulers. The Absolute Being’s plan for the Monarchs was to destroy the universe, while the Rulers struggled to keep it going.

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After confronting their creator, the Rulers discovered that the sole reason they were formed alongside the Monarchs and waged war against them was for the Absolute Being’s pleasure.
Someone who gave the most strong characters in the series their strength and could play with them for eons is unquestionably rated top on this list.

These above conclude our Top 10 Strongest Characters in Solo Leveling Ranking! We hope you learned a few new things about them, and if you already knew all of these characters, congrats, you’re a die-hard Solo Leveling fan.

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