Solo Leveling Mouse Pads Computer Mousepad RGB Mouse Pad Gamer Mouse Carpet
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Solo Leveling Mouse Pads Computer Mousepad RGB Mouse Pad Gamer Mouse Carpet


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1.Designed by gamers, great to use for gaming/office work 
2.Supports full-sized keyboard with more than enough room for mouse, keyboard
3.Low Friction: Smooth Surface For SPEED Anti-slip Rubber base
4.Optimized for various mouse sensors and sensitivities

【SPACIOUS】 the mouse pad is large enough to accommodate both mouse and keyboard. 
【SMOOTH SURFACE】Thick cloth padding allows for optimum speed and accurate control while gaming. 
【PREMIUM DESIGN】Featuring an anti-slip rubber base, this pad will not slide while in use.
【COMFORT】Extremely comfortable to mouse on, eliminates uneven surfaces.Fits full-sized keyboards.

 1* Mouse Pad

 1* Micro USB Cable

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 Questions about Purchasing Mouse Pad 
1. about the Smell of Mouse Pad:
Dear Buyer, in Order to Receive the Product as Soon as Possible, after Heating the Machine during the Production Process, Rubber and Ink Will Be Immediate Packing.This Will Store Some Rubber Smell, but Please Rest Assured That If You Put It in a Well-Ventilated Place, the Smell Will Disappear.
2. about the Size of Mouse Pad:
Dear Buyer, the Mouse Pad Is Made of Rubber, Which Will Expand and Shrink When Heated by the Machine in the Process:We Usually Use Rolling Packaging.After Long Haul, There Is a Deviation in Size.This Is Normal.
3. about the Edge of the Mouse Pad:
Dear Buyer, If You Want to Buy with Unlocked Edge, Please Note That the Mouse Pad Is Made of a Lot of Rubber and Is Concurrent and Cut, So the Cutting Accuracy Will Decrease Slightly and the Edge Will Be Uneven.This Is Normal.If You Want a Neat and Perfect Edge, Please Consult Our Online Customer Service to Buy a Beautifully Sewn Mouse Pad with More Edges.Of Course, Most of Our Mouse Pads Are Locked.
4. about the Color of Mouse Pad:
Dear Buyers, Any Printed Matter Has a Certain Degree of Color Difference: the Computer Displays RGB Color, and the Printed Matter Is Composed of Four-Color Ink Dots of Cmdk, and the Imaging Method Is Also Different.RGB Color, Brightness, Etc. Are Displayed on Different Displays.When You Are in Different Viewing Software, the Color Will Be Different.Ambient Light and Human Perception of Color Are Different.After Color Calibration, There Are Differences between the Colors of the Display.According to the Color Value Set in the Design Drawing, Not According to What You See on the Computer Screen, Please Use International Four-Color Standard Chromatography.Therefore, the Color Difference Is Expected.Color Difference Is Controlled Within 10% to Meet the Standard
5. about Delivery Time of Logistics and Transportation:
Dear Buyers, If the Waiting Time for Receiving Goods Is Too Long, It Is Because International Logistics and Transportation Need to Be Transferred to Multiple Countries/Regions before Arriving at the Address.At the Same Time, Due to Weather, National Policies and Other Reasons, Many Unpredictable Factors Will Affect the Speed of Customs Clearance.When You Buy Free Delivery Products in Our Store, This Is an Economical Mode of Transportation, and the Delivery Time and Waiting for Receipt Will Be Very Slow.If You Want to Receive the Product Quickly, We Recommend That You Choose the Evaluation Transportation Mode with Logistics Tracking Information.This Can Save a Lot of Waiting Time.

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