Sung Jin-Woo: Everything You Need To Know About

Sung Jin-Woo (seongjin-wu) is the protagonist of Solo Leveling, an online novel turned webtoon. He is one of the awakened humans that gained the ability to utilize mana, although he was listed as the World’s Weakest Hunter due to being the weakest E-Rank Hunter, and Jin-Woo quickly plunged down the road of being the World’s Strongest Hunter when he was Reawakened and became a Player.

Sung Jin-Woo


Sung Jin-Woo began as a normal-looking young guy of ordinary height, with a skinnier, weaker physique, but nonetheless powerful than the typical individual.
Jin-Woo transformed from a young man with a lesser frame to a slim young man with a well-developed physique after his Reawakening, since the System was aiding in his growth to make him stronger. He had grown into a tall and attractive young man capable of attracting the attention of most women.

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Although he wore simple attire at first due to a lack of cash, after acquiring more money and access to the System Shop, he acquired access to different goods and apparel that no other Hunter possesses. The majority of his attire consists of black clothes that is appropriate for his present attitude and talents.


Sung Jin-Woo is shown to be quite kind, brave, and sympathetic from the start, going through dungeons to pay for his mother’s hospital expenses while still caring for his sister. Although he was reckless and anxious around his fellow Hunters with whom he traveled, he could also be analytical and wise even in the most difficult situations, allowing him to rescue the survivors of the Double Dungeon. Jin-Woo was likewise prepared to sacrifice himself so that the two who remained with him might escape, knowing that none of them could escape without help; yet, he was privately terrified and didn’t want to die because he had a family of his own.

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With his continuing battling after his Reawakening and becoming a Player, his mentality began to change. He has grown more daring and self-assured in his talents. He was first separated from the system, apprehensive and frightened of it. This apprehension and apprehension fades over time.

His demeanor, on the other hand, remains nearly unchanged, as he is shown to be compassionate and thoughtful, but not as much as he was back before. However, he has undergone a few good changes, such as increased confidence, bravery, and coolness toward monsters and aggressive hunters.

Powers and Abilities

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Sung Jin-Woo was an Awakened Human with greater physical prowess than regular humans, yet he was weaker than other Hunters of higher ranks and almost perished numerous times within lower-level Dungeons. However, after his Reawakening in the Double Dungeon, he was transformed into a Player, allowing him to level up and get stronger nearly as if he were a gamer. Since then, Jin-Woo has leveled up by playing through the many dungeons and unique ones that he alone had access to, gaining skills and powers by utilizing the System, which was also utilizing him.

  • Supernatural Condition
  • Immense Mana
  • Unlimited Inventory
  • System Shop
  • Kandiaru’s Blessing
  • Speed
  • Bloodlust
  • Stealth
  • Dagger Throw
  • Critical Strike

Shadow Monarch Powers

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Jin-Woo was offered the job of Necromancer after completing his Class Change Quest, which quickly grew into the secret class, Shadow Lord. Following this, he gained the ability to resurrect his deceased opponents and people in order to transform them into Shadows, servants that serve and fight with him in combat; however, he is incapable of resurrecting individuals stronger than him or demonic entities who have corrupted mana. Jin-Woo has acquired a broad variety of Shadows from formidable opponents that battle with him since obtaining this Job. He is capable of naming the Elite Shadows.

The actual reason for the Architect’s creation of the System was to locate a host powerful enough to become the vessel for the Shadow Monarch, which gradually changes his body with Ashborn’s strength. Jin-Woo became the Shadow Monarch after completing the Final Trial of the Architect and obtaining the original Shadow Monarch’s Black Heart; the previous monarch was not resurrected. After his heart was pierced and he met Ashborn, he entrusted all of his powers to Jin-Woo, which resulted in the System being released, allowing him access to all of his power.

  • Shadow Extraction
  • Shadow Save
  • Shadow Exchange
  • Domain of the Monarch
  • Ruler’s Authority

In short, Sung Jin-Woo is a character with a beautiful look and a very potent source of strength. It’s no surprise that he became the series’ highlight and drew a large number of admirers. As a result, items linked to him are always in great demand. Do you want to explore them?

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